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The Christian Bible has recorded that the light (perfection) was infused into the darkness of earth, beginning a chain reaction of physical-life expression, which evolves through the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms until it again expresses itself in perfection in a conscious state of man known as The Christ, the Child of God. Thus, the cycle is completed as God the Light returns to itself.


The Christian Bible also records that God said, "Let us make man in Our image, after Our likeness." (Genesis 1:26 KJV) Thus, God created spiritual beings in its own image, of spirit and light. These perfected spiritual beings were given charge over the evolution of light through matter on earth. Some of these began to immerse themselves in and out of the evolving animal kingdom until they became entrapped in earthly consciousness and forgot they were Images of God. Thus came the "fall of man."

Those Images of God who chose not to fall wanted to help the fallen ones return to the House of Light and the knowing of I Am That I Am. Stories of these sons of I Am can be found in the Christian Bible from Adam and Eve through the Messiah Jesus and his apostles. They also exist in other great bodies of religious, prophetic, and philosophical thought throughout the world. Even today these Images of God are at work, expressing the common philosophy of purity of heart and mind, good works, and loving kindness to one's fellowman, in recognition of the essential oneness of mankind with the divine principles of the I Am.

It is marvelous to witness this perfection of the I Am of Light express itself into matter on this grain of sand called "earth" and return to its original being of perfection, from whence it came.
A point to ponder: Since all this is occurring on this tiny planet, in this expanding universe with its many galaxies and millions of other planets, and the I Am of light is in the center of this and other universes, with their myriad of galaxies and millions of planets - is the same process of self-expression of the I Am in effect elsewhere? If so, it will be pictured perfectly as you were perfectly created and that perfection has never changed. That is "truth!"

Peace be with you,
Bill Pattillo
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