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     Aristole1 the philosopher (304-322 BC) stated "Man shares with God the divine power of thought an knows that the act of contemplation is what is most of all pleasant and best".

     In observing individuals that excel in their endeavors of life, there is the common act of contemplation.

     In seeking the Kingdom Within, there is no need for ritualistic prayers. It can be stated best, that prayer is speaking to God (as if speaking to your father) and contemplation is listening for the answer. There is no need for certain positions, be comfortable in walking, sitting, or reclining, whether in nature or indoors.

     It is beneficial to meditate or go inward with a group, especially in the beginning stages, being cautiously aware of what the collective group mind is focused upon.

     Ultimately, you as a perfectly created spiritual image of God, must travel this journey alone developing the realization of universalism and your oneness with the creative spirit of love, that is the all and is in all.

     The purpose of this inward search is to realize and claim your oneness with the
I AM spirit of one (your creator) and become an enlightened individual that will excel in your divine given talents for service to fellow man and the divine spirit of one, the

Peace be with you,
Bill Pattillo
1 On Man In the Universe, Aristotle, by Mr. Black, New York
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