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     The Creator, the One Spirit of Light, the holy I AM in perfect balance pulsates Divine Principles to its creation, the multiple universes, the myriad of galaxies, their innumerable planets, and all upon mother earth, with its kingdoms of minerals,vegetation and animals. Yea! Even to mankind's institutions of governments, religions, finance, etc.

     These institutions, its leaders and the peoples which founded them, all are expressing the divine principles of love, peace, honesty, justice, truth, etc. at a level they comprehend them to be. When observing man's inharmonious personal life and/or his self-made manifestation there will be an imbalance with the male (power) and the female (love, wisdom, intuition) resulting in a failure to express the divine principles.

     The Divine Creator does not judge or condemn its free-willed creation. It provides numerous, thousand and million year cycles for the reincarnation *(rebirth) process of its creation to return to the *beginning of perfection, for *perfection in any physical or spiritual form is an expression of the one spirit in balance.

    In reality the One Spirit of Light is in self expression through the process of evolution and involution.


Peace be with you,
Bill Pattillo

REV 3:12
Gospel of Thomas      Logia: 18.83 & 84
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