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     If you wish to know a specific way to come each day to "God", The "Father", The "I Am", The "Light", The "Holy One", The "One Spirit", The "one Mind", The "One Breath", The "All", The "Creator", do these simple things.

     Prayer is speaking with God, Meditation is being quiet and listening for an answer.

     Find a place that is favorite to you. Where you feel good and where you are relaxed. A place that you love, where you can feel at home, and will not be distracted.

     Go to that place each day, if not physically, then in your mind and become comfortable in what ever way you can. You may sit, stand, walk, or lie down. In finding comfort in the body, center your attention to God, by centering the physical attention to the third eye; (in the center of the fore head).
Speak and/or have affirmative thoughts knowing you are surrounded by The "Light" of God and filled with The "Life" of God, and that only peace and good is coming to and from you.
     Then turn inward, visualize in your minds eye (third eye) on the face of a spiritual being you admire or a beautiful scene of nature as a peaceful lake, mountains, flowers etc., also speak orally or mentally in silence inspirational words to the self until by listening to them you have stilled the mind and your visualization. enter into this Kingdom of Peace where The "Holy One" will be found. "Be still and know that I Am God".
Ps 46:10 KJV
Enter each day into The Kingdom as did "The Christ" and all "Christ's" who have walked the Earth. Stay at all times within the will of God and express at all times, the dominion over all things. It is possible to attain all things you desire and need. for yourself and for your fellow man. For within yourself, you are the "Spirit of One", you are the "Child" of The "One Spirit of Light". "You Are Perfect".
Peace be with you,
Bill Pattillo
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