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" I AM"

The I Am - the One Spirit, One Mind, One God, One Breath, One Life, the Light, the All - continually gives forth of itself, to its creation.

Whatever we as an Image of the I Am needs - such as love, energy, universal wisdom, abundance of all forms - the I Am in its perfection gives.

The I Am is not the author of any negative form, such as evil, deprivation, illness, etc. Negative forms are the creation of a free willed carnal-minded individual who is not allowing himself to receive from the Divine Law of total giving.

Be careful of praising false gods - such as I am sick, I am tired, I am poor, I am unhappy, etc. - for that is what you will receive in your life.

How do we as an Image of the I Am receive the unlimited and bountiful source in our lives? Be continually thankful for what you want in your life, knowing that you have already received what you are praising. It is your Divine right to have joy, good health, universal wisdom, prosperity, etc. All of these are as near as your mind and words, for the kingdom of the I Am is within and without you.


I AM    (The LIGHT)

    While in prayer and meditation a being with an aura of white light took me through the universe and beyond to observe an enormous sphere of pure light that was larger than the universe we had left.

    The light pulsed in a rhythmic beat similar to that of a human heart. At each pulsation fingers of light, like lightening bolts, flashed downward into the bands of colors that surround its base. The white robed one spoke saying, "You are looking at the "I AM".

Peace be with you,
Bill Pattillo

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