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Scientists1 state the time sequence of our universe being created by "Light" at 13 billion years. Planet Earth began forming at 4.5 billion years, Life began in the waters of earth at 590 million years, and Mankind evolved into five races of yellow, white, black, red and brown 1 million years ago.

The study of Geology, Anthropology and Archaeology gives the movements of these races of peoples as they are moved about the earth due to tectonic plate movements destroying and altering the continents along with climatic situations as ice ages, droughts, famines, etc.

History records a continent named Atlantis2 that extended from the Azores to Iceland, which was inhabited by a rather highly advanced civilization at 200,000 +/- B.C.

Prior to that period a portion of the created spiritual male/female images of God3 rebelled against God and fell into the earth consciousness and became entrapped in the evolutionary process. Those that did not fall devised a plan to rescue the fallen ones. The continent of Atlantis was used by a contingent of the "Sons of God" led by Adam and resided in what is known biblically as the Garden of Eden. These ones created physical bodies for themselves for their use on earth. History records the fall of these ones and their removal from the Garden of Eden and becoming intermeshed with the fallen Angels and the evolving mankind.

As Atlantis is slowly destroyed and submerges into the sea, the "Sons of God" led by Noah along with numerous fallen angels and Atlantians moved to other continents before the final destruction of Atlantis at 10,000 +/- B.C., biblically known as the great flood.

The Atlantians with their advanced knowledge of science and construction abilities moved to lands known as Egypt, South America and other parts of the earth, building new civilizations and erecting temples of worship in the form of pyramids, as they had done on Atlantis.
The lineage from Noah and his family, their movements of habitat, their worship and works for God has been chronicled, as they are intermeshed with the fallen ones and Atlantians and are moved away from bondage by Moses to their own lands and other continents building democratic nations known as the twelve tribes of the Israelites.

Those that fell, those that came to rescue the fallen, those of the evolved races of mankind are served continuously with great love by the creator; the "I Am of Light," with emissaries of light, so that mankind may return to the house of "Light" from whence we came. These great teachers have had their words and actions aptly recorded by the different races.

The scientist of today state our universe is moving toward the Light. (1Jn 1:5 KJV) President Ronald Reagan referred to this same subject in his 1986 State of The Union Address. As "The Precession of Equinoxes"4 revolves the universe and planet earth into closure of another 26,000 year cycle (Great Age) and is in the presence of the creator the "I Am of Light"; the planet Earth will be under the influence of this pure Light for approximately 2,000 years. The fallen, the evolved will be given the opportunity to step forward into the Light and say, "I am Thy child, Thy will be done, in my life" and live in a divine place that is now being prepared for them.

As we observe what is occurring in the world at this time, we see mankind in his expression of life in a flux of great change, as he is either moving towards the Light or away from it, as the "One Spirit of Light" purges all that is not in oneness with itself, through wars, famines, diseases, natural disruptions, and so forth.

Since all this is occurring on this tiny planet, in this expanding universe with its many galaxies and millions of other planets, and the "I Am of Light" is in the center of this and other universes, with their myriad of galaxies and millions of planets – is the same process of self-expression of the "I Am" in effect elsewhere? If so, it will be out pictured perfectly as you were perfectly (MTH 5:48 KJV) created and that perfection has never changed.

The "I Am of Light" that was infused into darkness creating the universes, thence evolving through matter, creating itself into separate images, the fall, the plan for resurrection and regeneration of itself – each event is equally important. The "I Am of Light" is in self-expression and returns to its original being of perfection5 from whence it originated for the "End" is in Return to the "Beginning"6

Peace be with you,
Bill Pattillo
(Revised 2002)

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